“Unlikely” things you “wouldn’t expect” in Yorkshire

Things you wouldn’t expect in Yorkshire:

Not expected.

Reggae in Huddersfield! Whaaat?!

Forget big cities such as London and Birmingham. In the 1970s and 80s, this West Yorkshire town was the unlikely capital of UK sound system culture

Experimental music in Shipley! Shipley!!1!

You wouldn’t expect a small market town in West Yorkshire to become a monthly hotspot for out-there electronic music, but Shipley’s Golden Cabinet

A pop festival in Bingley! No way!!!

The small Yorkshire town of Bingley may be an unlikely home for a major pop festival

Chorizo! Not even in a pie!

We’re proud of celebrating all that is British at Cool Places, which sometimes includes the more unusual stuff that you wouldn’t expect, like delicious, peppery & authentic chorizo – made in God’s Own County itself, Yorkshire! 

Bats! Actually, this is pretty much exactly where I’d expect bats.

The 1,000-year-old church in Ellerburn near Thornton-le-Dale in North Yorkshire has become the unlikely home to the region’s largest roost of Natterer’s bats.

Things you would expect in Yorkshire:

A typical Yorkshire scene.


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